MemberCMS stays on top of it all Relax, we’ll watch out for you so nothing falls through the cracks

Leave the legwork and muscle to our software. Our team will work with you to migrate your members into the system, setup your online application and renewal forms, then give you the keys and training so that you are on auto-pilot. The software lets you stay on top of your members, prospects, dues and renewals all in one place.

Nothing's unexpected with memberCMS

Manage your members online Effortlessly build your own forms

Streamline your membership process by going online. Forget about organizing applications in spreadsheets and binders ever again. With memberCMS, you can create custom application and renew forms that members can fill out all online. No stamps, no phone calls, no hassle.

Leave the heavy lifting to memberCMS

Stress-free dues collectionMake it easy on members

Tired of chasing down members to pay their dues? MemberCMS makes the process of collecting dues easier for you. Send automatic reminder emails to members regarding renewal dates or overdue payments through the system. Also, if you have custom price rules depending on member type, you can easily set those rules in the memberCMS system.

Grow your membership with memberCMS

MemberCMS keeps it togetherDon’t worry, it’s all there in one central place

Managing new and returning members can turn into one big headache. With so many people, it can be overwhelming to keep track of everyone. Stop worrying, with memberCMS you’ll always know exactly where everything is.

You have the ability to see all your data in one central place, and can export all that information to Excel. Also, send email blasts through the system to boost retention and enhance membership quality.

MemberCMS keeps everything in check